Monday, December 10, 2012

Beyond Escape by Deborah K. Jensen

Reviewed by Charlotte

At eighteen, Kim goes from Maine to Texas with mark and his wife, Maite.  Starting as just friends, Mark and Kim’s relationship moves forward.  Fast forward twenty years, recently divorce Kim returns to Texas to visit her parents for a month’s vacation.  This visit brings her past affair back up and she is convinced she needs to know the truth about what happen to Mark.  The visit also brings Camilo into her life.  Making her realize her life isn't over, especially with the attention for a much younger, hot man, a.k.a. Camilo.

I very much enjoyed Beyond Escape.  Watching as Kim relives her past even when headed into uncharted territory.  It caught my attention and held it until the last page.  The stories of drugs, murder, and secret love affairs were amazingly intertwined.  Some of the stories I could see where they were headed or where I thought they were headed, then it would do a 180 and go a totally different way.  The fact that Camilo, which started as a distraction, ended up fitting perfectly into the story web made the novel so much better.

Kim won me over when she decorated her parent’s house for Christmas, even though they hadn’t really celebrated in years.  Getting back to old family traditions made her so loving.  The days and nights she spent with her mom and dad, who she referred to as Nina and Jack, showed how loving and caring of a daughter she was.

I highly recommend Beyond Escape.  A little romance, a lot of intrigue makes this novel impossible to pass up.

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