Thursday, December 8, 2011

CHOSEN by Chandra Hoffman

Adoption. It’s about making a family. Chosen by Chandra Hoffman is a rollercoaster ride of the people behind those faces on adoption brochures. Social Worker, Chloe Pitner at Chosen Child Adoption Agency loves her job…well most of it. She believes in what she is doing. It’s about bringing the right people together. She has a great reputation on the adoption messaging boards and a photo book of happily ever after stories.

Chosen is a story about four couples whose lives are intertwined. Two babies born--lives forever changed. One couple relishing in finally having their dream baby; another couple has to wait and see and a young couple not sure what the right choice is. Chandra Hoffman examines the what if you get everything you always wanted and found out it wasn’t. When a baby goes missing it pushes everyone to question what they really want.

Paul and Eva finally have their dream child, but parenthood isn’t as pretty as they thought it would be. Eva struggles with postpartum depression and Paul throws himself into building his business to be the biggest in the state.

John and Francie have suffered years of disappointment while trying to have a child. When they finally have one in reach will he be lost to them forever? Can their marriage withstand the dramatic change in who they are?

Jason and Penny have nothing but criminal records and a baby to offer. Jason loves Penny and wants to give her the life he believes she deserves at any cost.

Reading along I found my heart beating faster and at other times with tears running down my face. Due to the content of the story you would think it would be so easy to love some characters and hate others, but truthfully I didn’t. All the characters were really well developed. Even though Chloe is the main thread in the novel, Hoffman gives her readers access to almost all the characters private thoughts and motivations.

I would add there is some adult language and themes, but I truthfully believe it added to the raw and grittiness of the story. I absolutely recommend Chosen! Once you start reading you won't want to stop till the very last page! Chandra Hoffman is an author to watch! Make sure to follow the link below and order a copy!

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  1. Wow. I'm definitely putting this one my list. It sounds good.

  2. I'm sorry Carly, I don't have a copy of this to giveaway!

  3. Not a problem. I'm putting it on my Christmas wish list. ;)
    Thanks for sharing it.