Monday, November 12, 2012

The Paternity Test by Michael Lowenthal

reviewed by Charlotte

 Pat and Stu, a gay couple, decide they want a baby to complete their family.  Their relationship is in a rough spot right now and are hoping a baby will make their bond stronger.   With Stu flying across the country as a pilot and having hook-ups in each city he visits and Pat being faithful.  Yes, they have an open relationship. It is easy to understand why they are having problems.  But is a baby the answer?

As I started reading the Paternity Test, I thought wow this is pretty straight forward.  Two men want a baby to complete their family and have found the perfect surrogate to help them reach their goal.  Each month they go to the surrogates’ home and wait for her to be inseminated and then go home and wait for the call.   Always hoping for the best.  I thought there has to be little bumps in the road, things can’t go perfectly.  Never did I imagine the issues Pat and Stu would face. 

Michael Lowenthal pulls you in and makes you feel as if you are part of the story.  He writes the past and the future intertwining them perfectly.  The story flows easy and is easy to follow.  Even, if like me, you had no real knowledge or interest in the topic.

I was concerned at the relationship between Pat and the surrogate.  It seemed odd how close they became.  Especially since Stu is the donor father to their baby to be.  It was very interesting to read how their closeness caused the other relationships to be or to be changed. 

The Paternity Test shows how difficult it can be to become a parent in any circumstance.  It is truly thought provoking and very unique in the storyline and characters.  I enjoyed the book very much and highly recommend it. 

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