Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Five Days of Fear by David Kovach

Reviewed by Charlotte

While at a family picnic, Angie Britton over hears a conversation about a bombing.  This leads to her being kidnapped and her husband being shot.  The FBI gets involved but really had no leads or clues to know where to start.  Jessica Britton, Angie’s daughter, becomes the contact person for FBI Agent Dan Hamilton and eventually become friends.  As clues start to come to light Jessie and Dan, along with other FBI agents, rush to stop the bombing, find the kidnappers/terrorism and most importantly save Angie.

The first plot of the novel was playing out in my mind like a movie.  The story moved at a fast pace but not too fast.  I loved all the action, starting from the beginning, when Angie gets kidnapped , and ending at the last page.  There was everything a good action plot needs, terrorist threats, financial misdeeds, and great crime tracking technology.  I actually felt this could be a modern day, real life story.

The second part of the plot, the love story, was my favorite.  There is Jessie, who comes from an amazing family with an abundance of lover.  Jessie is looking for Mr. Right and won’t settle for anything less.  Especially someone who will love her freckles.  Then there is FBI Agent Dan, who grew up with his aunt and uncle and their numerous kids after his mom gave him up when she remarried.  Dan just wants to fit in and be part of a complete family, being loved and accepted totally.  I loved watching their friendship grow.  Neither Jessie or Dan were rushing into the relationship.   They both wanted to totally know each other before taking any big steps.  It was also nice not to have them just fall into bed.

The fact that Five Days of Fear is a book without heavy violence or bad language made me enjoy it even more.  I can easily recommend this novel for everyone.

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Five Days of Fear by David Kovach

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  1. I'm the Senior Editor with Light Messages, David's publisher. Thanks so much for taking the time to review FIVE DAYS OF FEAR. I'm thrilled you enjoyed it so much––this was one project that was a joy to be a part of.

  2. I love FBI action novels. This one is going to be on my to read list. Following.

  3. The fact that there isn't a ton of violence and bad language is REALLY appealing!

    Thanks for being on the tour. I'm featuring your review on TLC's Facebook page today.

  4. The love story sounds so sweet! Sometimes I'm dubious about a love storyline where the characters just fall into bed. It doesn't give any chance for some real chemistry to build up!