Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Firefly Hollow by T.L. Haddix

Review by Charlotte

Sarah Browning has trespassed on her neighbors, The Campbells, land for many years while never meeting them.  After going away to college and then getting called back home when her father is dying, she finally meets Owen Campbell and the attraction is instant. Sarah has felt like the odd sister.  Not popular or pretty she has not had a real boyfriend and is not confident that she ever will.   Owen has many secrets and a past that could hinder their relationship.  He is somewhat of a recluse.  He believes that he will never fall in love and that he doesn’t deserve to fall in love.

By the end of the first chapter I was caught in the web T.L. Haddix was weaving.  I felt like I was right with Sarah and Own on their journey.  I had butterflies, anxiety, and anger along with Sarah.  Owen is the attentive, loving, thoughtful boyfriend everyone dreams of.   He also won me over by never giving up on Sarah and admitting his mistakes.  He also lets her into his inner sanctum, telling Sarah the deepest darkest secrets that he never dreamed he would share with anyone else.   The love there two shared was truly on the soul mate level.

I enjoyed that this was not just boy meets girl and falls in love story.  There is a few smaller storylines that I enjoyed just as much as the main storyline.  Kathy, Sarah’s sister, and Randall, her husband, story broke my heart.  Seeing how Kathy and Sarah fought like sisters, but were there to stand by each other in their tough times was how sisters should be and I love it.  When the going got tough for either sister the family pulled together and gave 100% support made me envious of her life.   Jack and Gilly’s love story was great.  Seeing two people so in love warmed my heart.  Seeing how Gilly waited for Jack to return and once he did never doubted his love and devotion.

Firefly Hollow is a novel that is impossible to put down.  I definitely recommend this to everyone. 

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