Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Goodnight, Brian by Steven Manchester

Reviewed by Charlotte

Shortly after Brian is born to Joan and Frank, the doctors tell the parents that due to problems with the formula they had been feeding him he has devastating brain damage.  He will never walk or talk.  But the doctor had not counted on Mama, Brian’s grandma.  Mama tells all her grandchildren that can’t is not a work.  Everyone can.  She goes on to prove this with Brian.

Goodnight, Brian is a story of family, love, and challenges.  A story where giving up is never an option.  I shed a lot of tears while enjoying this novel.  Some were tears of sadness, like when Joan and Frank are told of Brian’s brain damage.  Some tears of happiness, like when Brian spoke his first works and took his first steps. 

Never have I read a book with so much love.  The Mauretti Family has love and faith unlike any family I know.  Mama was in charge of the family and definitely Brian’s hero, be she was not the bossy grandma.  She led by example, everything she did taught someone a life lesson.  Lessons most of us need someone to teach us, not be telling us.  Everyone who came around the Mauretti Family walked away learning something and becoming part of the family. 

Angie, Brian’s younger sister, was one of my favorite characters.  She was the rebel child.  The child that seemed like she was always living in Brian’s shadow.  I felt she was one of the stronger grandchildren.   When Mama was unable to take care of Brian or just not around A…E (as Brian called her) was the one who stepped in and made sure that all of Brian’s needs were taken care of. 

This is the second book of Steven Manchester’s that I have read and loved.   I felt this book was AMAZING.  Absolutely amazing.  Anyone who has a heart will love this novel.  The morals and the love shine through.   Steven wrote another great novel that I will easily and happily recommend to everyone.  

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  1. You hit the nail right on the head. Having read "Brian" and several other books by Steven, Manchester, he is a an extraordinary author who writes straight from the heart to the heart. Yes, this book, like everything he writes, is AMAZING!

    Arlene Uslander

  2. I wish I had a grandmother like Brian's :)