Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Skating on Edge by Joelle Charbonnea

Reviewed by Charlotte

Rebecca Robbins is the owner of the Toe Stop roller-rink where a tough roller derby team practices.  One of the roller derby girls is murdered when she takes Rebecca’s turn in the dunk tank at the Native American Summer Days.  Rebecca knows she must solve this murder before someone actually manages to kill her.
Skating on Edge is the third of the Rebecca Robbins Mysteries.  I did not read the first two, but was easily able to follow this one and enjoy it.  The characters were quirky and fun and made me laugh many times.  The plot was fun and easy to read.  Being from a small town myself, I could relate to the everyone knows everyone and the gossiping for information.

I loved following Rebecca as she questioned suspects, followed clues, and finally managed to solve the murder.  She did most of this with the towns law enforcement a couple steps behind her.  There were times I thought I knew who dunit, but then something else would happen to make me doubt myself.  By the end I was pretty sure that I knew who the murder was and loved how it all played out. 

This book is fast and easy and will keep you laughing throughout.  I recommend this book and will be reading the rest of the series.

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