Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Comfort of Lies by Randy Susan Meyers

Reviewed by Charlotte Lynn

The Comfort of Lies is a strong story of three women all dealing with their lives and how they intertwine with each other.  The story starts five years ago.

The first woman is Tia.  Tia entered into an affair with a married man, Nathan.  When she ended up pregnant, he left her and she gave up the baby for adoption. 

Next is Caroline.  Caroline has an extremely important job with long hours, but adopted Tia’s baby just to please her husband, Peter.  She is now questioning whether she can be a mother and wife.

Finally, there is Juliette, Nathan’s wife.  Nathan told Juliette of his affair with Tia, but never mentioned that Tia was pregnant when he walked away from her.  Juliette finds a letter in the mail from Tia to Nathan.  Inside the letter are pictures of their daughter.  This crumbles Juliette’s world.

Fast forward five years. All the woman know of each other and are trying to put the lives back in the right.

Each woman had their own life and their own flaws.  I enjoyed watching each work through their life and figure out how to live again.  Tia struggled with her decision to give up the baby and never gave up the idea of loving Nathan.  Caroline struggled with being an adoptive child’s mother.  Felling like she has no right to complain, as all mothers do at times, because her child is adopted.  Juliette is just angry.  Angry with everyone, but not sure why.  It was extremely touching and real watching each woman move through their struggles.

I found Nathan to be the man I wanted to hate, but somehow I couldn’t.  He came across as devoted and sorry for the affair.  Devoting his life to his current family, not giving a second thought to his affair or Tia.  When it all came back to the front burner, he tried to deal with it, but struggled as any person would.
The baby, Savannah, was also given a place to give her point of view.  I loved how it was a focal point and that Savannah was left to be a child.  Not made too old or mature.   The feelings she had were true to what an adopted child put in the position of knowing her biological parents should feel and question.

I was totally into this story.  Caught from the beginning and unable to put it down. This is definitely more than just a chic-lit novel.  It has heart and feeling along with a real life story.  Anyone who picks this novel up will love it.  

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  1. Sounds like there is quite a lot going on in this book. I'm looking forward to seeing how all the characters fit together!

    Thanks for being a part of the tour.

  2. Nathan sounds like a really interesting character. I like characters who are complex like that.