Monday, February 18, 2013

The Girl’s Guide to Love and Supper Club by Dana Bate

Reviewed by Charlotte 

Hannah Sugarman’s parents have guided her to a successful life.  She works at a think tank in Washington D.C.; her boss is someone her parents know.  She lives in a great apartment with her high achieving boyfriend.  The only problem, Hannah isn’t happy.  All she wants to do it cook.  Cooking is not considered a successful career by her parents or her boyfriend.

When Hannah’s world turns upside down, she makes it an opportunity to do what she has always wanted and opens and underground supper club.   Her supper club becomes the most sought after meal in town.  But it is not quite legal.  The health department does not check her out, she has no licenses, and is using her landlords apartment without his knowledge.

Hannah is one of my favorite characters.  She is crazy (in a good way), independent, and funny.  I was constantly laughing and hoping everything would work out for her.  I easily related to her love of cooking, even though I don’t cook as fancy as she does.  But I can hope to try some of the recipes included in the book.   I loved watching her struggle with her guilt of using her landlords apartment and then cover her tracks when she leaves little clues behind accidentally.  She is a horrible liar, but somehow she never gets caught.  My favorite part was when she stands up to her parents.  Finally telling them how she is done living her for them and is going to do what she wants to do. 

Jacob and Blake were interesting.  I knew something was fishy with Jacob and loved it when she confronted him.  But was hoping he wouldn’t blow the whistle on her supper club, especially with Blake standing right there.  Blake was amazing.  Even with his pirate and fishing talk he was so likeable.  It seemed that he just got Hannah.  Although I don’t know of any men that would be able to forgive someone for the mess Hannah made of his home and career.  I loved how supportive and pushy he was with Hannah’s career goals. 

This was a fun and sometimes silly book.  I loved learning about Hannah and her relationships. Definitely an easy read with a great story. 

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