Monday, February 25, 2013

The Truth about Love and Lightning by Susan McBride

Review by Charlotte Lynn

A tornado goes through Gretchen’s farmland, bringing with it a familiar stranger.  This stranger is found under a walnut tree with no memory of who he is or how he got there.  The stranger reminds Gretchen of her long lost love Sam Winston the father of her daughter Abby and the man that’s been missing for almost 40 years.

Many years ago Gretchen told a very big lie.  She has lived in fear of that lie coming out since she told it.  When the Man Who Might Be Sam comes to the farm, she is scared the truth will come out and that the truth will truly hurt the people who meant the most to her.

Susan McBride wrote a clever and smooth story.  The changes in time periods are seamless.  The story is a no-rush, in depth tale of Gretchen, Sam, and Abby.  The suspense of if Sam has returned is built up gradually and kept me having to continue reading in hopes for the happy ending I so wanted for both Gretchen and Abby.

I felt a deep connection to both Gretchen and Abby.  Gretchen managed to have a happy life even after her horrible mother kicked her out and left her to take care of her blind twin sisters.  Abby knew what she wanted, or more what she wouldn’t settle for, and kept her head high never compromising.  When the Man Who Might Be Sam appeared I felt the hope they each had, for the man Gretchen loved and lost, and the dad Abby never knew and needed so badly.

This is a story of love and hope.  Exquisitely written grabbing me from the very beginning.  I was unable to put this novel down.  I highly recommend everyone picking up The Truth about Love and lightning, you will not be sorry.

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  1. A story of "love and hope" is EXACTLY what I love! Also, for some reason I get the feeling this book would make me cry.

    Thanks for being on the tour!

  2. I am glad to see you enjoyed this novel. I am reading it now too. Having read LIttle Black Dress by the same author, I just had to read this one!