Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Charmed Fates by Christine Wenrick

Review by Charlotte Lynn

Olivia has learned who she is and has worked hard to learn the skills needed to survive in the supernatural world.  Luther Davin is still obsessed with capturing her and using her special powers for his own sinister plan.  Caleb and Olivia just want to be together with their coven, but of course it cannot be easy.  A person, Caelestis or Celeste, has come back into Caleb’s life and claims to be his first and true mate.  Celeste is willing to do whatever necessary to get him back.

I am not even sure where to start with my review.  I very patiently waited to get my hands on this book and am so very happy that Christine Wenrick shared it with me.  Olivia, Caleb, Jax, Gemma, Alex, and all the other characters are back and their stories are being told perfectly.  The love between Olivia and Caleb and between Jax and Gemma is as strong as it was in the other two books in this series.  The heat of sex with Olivia and Caleb still makes me blush.  I love that the piano and Olivia’s music is not lost in this book since it was an important part of their relationship in the other books.  One of my favorite lines by Olivia is…”let me finish, without going all Alex on me.”  A giggle escaped as I heard Olivia say this to Alec and as I pictured Alec’s face.

The Charmed Fates is the absolute perfect ending to the story of Olivia.  I blushed, I laughed, I cringed, and I loved it.  Every single page and word kept me totally enraptured with the story.  I stayed up very late having to finish this series and I was not disappointed at the ending. 

I will not patiently await Christine’s new series The Men of Brahm Hill.  Knowing that I will have to re-read this series many times between now and then.  I cannot get enough of the supernatural world she has written about. 

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