Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The One-Way Bridge by Cathie Pelletier

Reviewed by Charlotte Lynn

Mattagash is a small town divided by a one-way bridge.  Everyone in town knows that the first to the one lane bridge has the right away.  The town is divided by this bridge, so every citizen has to use it.

The citizens of Mattagash live a typical small town life.  It’s citizens all know each other’s business.  They argue over theft and mailboxes, but secretly struggle through scars of war, scandal, and loss.

Cathie Pelletier wrote a great novel where you develop relationships with the character.  I found myself caring about the character and really hoping that they would find the peace or happiness that I truly wanted for each person.  I was charmed and sometimes amused by every character.

Orville Craft was my favorite character. He is the town mailman, who is in his last week before retiring.  He seemed to take his job and life very serious and that made me smile.  The drama of him and his use to be friend, Harry, and Harry’s mailbox was so small town.  Having lived in a small town growing up, I know how something as small as a mailbox can be a HUGE deal.  This made me laugh and think back on my younger years with a smile.  

The One-Way Bridge is a story of real life.  A story of small town drama, both real and imagined.  This is a great book to sit and read and enjoy getting to know your new friends.  

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