Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Playing Tyler by TL Costa

Review by Charlotte Lynn

Tyler is a high school drop out who has sever ADD.   Even with medication he cannot focus.   The only time he focus' is when he is gaming.    When Rick asks him to test the new sim program for him he can't resist.   If he gets a high enough score Rick has promised him a place in flight school.   As Tyler plays this game he realizes that there may be more to this game than he originally was told.

Ani is the game maker... The programmer.   She is also the ultimate gamer.   When Tyler and Ani meet sparks fly but both are awkward and unsure of each other.   As they both learn more about the game Ani developed they are both worried that it is not being used as it was meant to be and this puts their lives in danger.

I am not a gamer.   Not even close to being a gamer unless playing Candy Crush counts.    Some of the terms and conversations in Playing Tyler was lost on me.    I was able to follow the story but I'm sure I missed some important clues.

  That being said I loved the awkward romance between Tyler and Ani.  The fact that Tyler idolized her before her even met her and then tried to impress her even more when he did meet her was the sign of true young love.    What really won me was that Ani like him for just being him and for what they had in common.  Their relationship hit some hard spots and they managed to work through it, not throwing in the towel and giving up.  This relationship became much more then just young love.  It became a true love.  Where both parties would and did put their lives on the line to save the other.

I liked the idea of this story.  I loved the romance.   Gamer or not you will enjoy this book.    If you are like me and not a gamer just over look some of the chapters that you don't understand.  There is a lot more that I did understand and loved.

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