Thursday, August 15, 2013

I Know You're There by Susan Allison-Dean

Nurse Jill Bradley has her life all put together.   Great job, amazing co workers, handsome long term boyfriend, and a supportive family.   Until she awakes in an icu ward after an accident where the passengers of the other car were killed but a new born baby survives.

When Jill moves back home to rehab she learns that her family has not told her all the truths.  She runs away to an exotic island.    Will she hide from her problems?   Will she face them and move on with her life?

This is a first novel for Susan Allison-Dean.   Never knowing what you will find when you open a book, especially a first book, I kept a very open mind.    As I started this book early one morning I know that I found a book that would touch my heart and keep me reading all day long.   This is not a light and fluffy read.  It touches on some very tough subjects such as loss of a parent, cheating, and causing a death.     I Know You're There handled each of these subjects with the respect they deserve and made this a very heart touching novel.

Jill is an amazing character.   She has a tough job as a nurse and is the type of nurse you hope will be there when you or a loved one find the need for one.    Even as Jill was doing her own recovery she still put herself second.  She was a co worker, friend, sister, and most of all a daughter before she took care of herself.  People like that are rare.

In many books I find myself wishing something was different.   In this book I was very happy and satisfied with the whole thing.  I would not change a thing.   If you are looking for a easy read that touches on heavy subjects, I will highly recommend this book to you.

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