Monday, August 12, 2013

You Knew Me When by Emily Liebert

When Katherine Hills mother gets killed her father moves her to Manchester,Vermont two houses away from a girl, Laney, who is the same age.   The two girls become instant best friends ~forever.   Well, maybe not forever.

With the encouragement of Luella Hancock, the lady who lives in the mansion between Laney and Katherine, a new life in New York comes to reality for Katherine.   She leaves her friends and family behind and doesn't come back.   When Luella passes it she returns to Vermont to take care of the Luella's last will.   Being force to deal with Laney brings hope that their friendship can be salvaged, maybe.

The story alternates between the girls as teenagers and the girls as adults.  In the past you learn of the escapades and fun and also of what broke them up.     It is easy to see how Luella became a mother figure to Katherine and led her to a life that Luella would have liked to have herself.   To Laney Luella was more of a fun neighbor since she had her own mother still with her.   Luella was the rope that held them all together.

My favorite storyline was that of Grant, Laneys brother, and Katherine.    The story of first loves and first relationships win me over almost every time and this was no exception.     The tenderness and caring between these two was amazing.   I loved how Laney accepted their relationship but it still annoyed her with all the googly eyes and PDA she has to witness.

Emily Liebert wrote a light, fun, and easy read.  It was exactly what I was hoping for and I am thrilled to have received to chance to read You Knew Me When.    I will recommend this to my chic-lit loving friends.
to have received to chance to read You Knew Me When.    I will recommend this to my chic-lit loving friends.

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