Thursday, September 26, 2013

Blogger Girl by Meredith Schorr

Kimberly Long, legal secretary and blogger at Pastel is the New Black, is a chic lit book lover.   She works her day job to pay the bills and blogs because that is her love.  Her nemesis from high school, Hannah Marshak, has contacted her to review her new chic lit much hyped book.  Much to her chagrin she chooses to accept the review and is hoping beyond hope that the book will be a flop and she can write a bad review.  In her off line life, she has finally met and hooked up with Nicholas, the scruffy lawyer down the hallways.  When he pushes her to become what she has always wanted to be things get interesting and her life takes a turn in the direction she always wished for. 

I was beyond thrilled when author, Meredith Schorr, contacted me asking me to read an Advanced Reader Copy of Blogger Girl.   This is chic lit at its best.   The main character gets the guy from the get go and then it gets interesting.   What happens between Kimberly and Nicholas was enough to keep me interested for the whole book.  Then you add in Hannah Marshak and her catty high school like antics and I knew this was a winner for me.   
I think everyone knew that girl in their class that was bigger and better than everyone else in the class and knew it, the one who came off looking good no matter what horrible antics she pulled on those other classmates.  This describes Hannah to a T.  Most of these people will grow up and out of their cattiness, but not Hannah.  I was thrilled when Kimberly did not back down when she was confronted by this woman.   She even proved she was a better person when she not only accepted the request for review, but wrote a positive review on a book she loved and hated the author. 

Bridget and Kimberly’s friendship amazed me.   I barely keep in touch with high school friends, much less middle school friends.   The fact that they not only keep in touch but also are still best friends was great.  You could feel the love and support they had for each other.   One of the best scenes in the story with Bridget and Kimberly was at the spa.  I actually laughed out loud and could picture it happening.   The character of Bridget was developed perfectly and I found myself relating to her almost as much as I related to Kimberly.

Meredith Schorr hit the nail on the head.   She caught me from page one and kept me until the very end.  I give this book five pink champagne flutes.  Most certainly any chic lit reader will need to read this book or risk missing out on a great story. 

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  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful review! I'm so glad that you loved Blogger Girl!!!

  2. Great review- I loved the book too and am just about to review it - she has such a fab voice!