Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Shattered Silence By Sherry Soule

From Goodreads:
Shiloh Trudell wishes she were an ordinary girl. But for as long as she can remember, she has seen demons—otherworldly creatures that prey on the innocent—including her classmates.

With the clock ticking and the body count rising, Shiloh resolves to learn more about the deadly curse inhabiting the town of Fallen Oaks, as well as the ominous shadows that seems to follow just a few steps behind Trent Donovan, local hottie and Shiloh’s current crush. For reasons, she can’t explain she’s inexplicably drawn to Trent and the haunting world of Craven Manor.

It seems the secrets infused within the town have long tendrils, infiltrating Craven Manor as well as its inhabitants and the other townspeople. Even Shiloh and Trent—especially Shiloh and Trent—are not immune from the darkness. And she knows Trent’s hiding something, but he’s not the only one with a dark secret.

Someone in Fallen Oaks has put out a supernatural hit list on the teenagers in town, and now it’s up to Shiloh to face her worst fears, and then fight like hell

My Review:
You never know what to expect from a book two in a series, but this one grabbed you from the very first page and never let you go.   

Shattered Silence picks up right where Beautifully Broken ended.   Sherry Soule had me feeling as if I was right in the book with Shiloh, living the life she is stuck with.    I love that the connection with Trent is still there and still as strong as ever, but I have to say I feel there is more to it than what has been shared with us so far.  

In the first book, the reader realized how bad Shiloh’s parents are, especially her mother, Darrah.    In this book you get a better understanding with why Darrah is as she is.   I am not giving her a pass, she is still a mother and every child, especially a teenager, needs her mother, but it did give me an understanding where I could go Oh, Yeah, I see.    Darrah still have not gotten what she deserves, in my opinion.  

With some series each book can be a standalone story, in this series I highly recommend that you read the books in order.   Each book, so far, is amazing and I highly recommend that any paranormal lover read this.   I would consider this a MUST READ series.  Sherry Soule might have just become one of my favorite authors.

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