Thursday, February 6, 2014

Confessions of a Wild Child by Jackie Collins

The teenage years of Lucky Santangelo are the years that formed her into the powerful woman she has become.   This is the story of those years.   The tales of a fifteen year old who is trying to find her own way and get out from under her father, Gino, control.  It is the story of a determined girls journeys through private elite schools, a villa in South France, and her dreams of being in Las Vegas. 

My Review:

Lucky Santangelo is one of my all time favorite characters in any book, especially in Jackie Collin books.   I enjoyed learning of her past.   Many of the stories were repeated from other Lucky books but in this book it went into more detail.   Since this was the story of a fifteen year old, I expected a lot of drama.  I was not disappointed.   Lucky’s life is full of drama, although not all of it was brought on by her.   I believe that anywhere and anyone Lucky and Gino go or come in contact would contain drama. 

This was not my favorite Jackie Collins book, but it was a good read.  I always like to know the history of a character, which is all this book was…history.  It also offered much insight into why Lucky is who is she and how she got there.   I believe now that I have read this one I am going to go back and read the past books, in order, and enjoy Lucky’s whole life. 

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