Tuesday, January 1, 2019

New Year New Me!

As I mentioned awhile back, I want to make sure I'm blogging a bit more. I'm still not blogging as much as I would really like to be, but today is New Years Day and so I thought here is my opportunity to kick start my blog back up!

I had promised pictures of our new built ins for our new home and so I decided this is where I would start. This first picture shows off some of my beautiful built ins with most of our current homeschool book library. I have the younger years packed up for our little man Z. Down below I keep games, art supplies, and other homeschool odds and ends. In our new home I don't have a set school room.

I did think about using our dinning room as our homeschool room, but honestly we kinda homeschool all over the house and this built in keeps stuff organized and just out of reach for Z (he's 2 and into everything).

I have some space to add more books and my husband did use some of the space. We have an office with built ins for him, but our oldest daughter moved back in with us and she is currently using that room. So his books are here and in our upstairs built ins until he gets his office.

This second built in is in our upstairs hallway. I'm using these shelves for my books and the last two my husband is using. I have more books underneath, in my bedroom closet and bedroom nightstand. Eventually they'll all be here. When we moved I donated well over 100 books. It wasn't the easiest thing to do! I wanted to keep so many of them, but mostly it was to be a book hoarder. The truth was I donated books I was pretty sure I wasn't ever going to read. I want our home to look nice and have space for me to bring in more books that I really do believe I'll read.

I've been better about not bringing in too many books for myself, but man have I loaded up on books for my kids! I haven't even shown you the books on their bedroom bookcases! It's not that bad, but we definitely have a lot of books. And yes there is a pile of library books on the shelf, too!

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