Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Best field trip EVER!

A few weeks ago we took the kids on a trip to DC! It was amazing! We saw so many things and honestly there was still so much more to see. I am hoping we can take the kids again in the next year of two. I bet we walked 30 miles in just four days!

In front of The White House!

The Metro

I'd have to say I can't imagine a better field trip. It was scary at first because I've never used the metro before, but one of the employees showed us how to buy our passes and how to read the maps. It didn't take us anytime to become experts! By the time we left we saw newbies and it was shocking how comfortable we had become in such a short time. Our son C wasn't a fan with the quick pace and all the people, Z loved the fast 'train' and M--well she loved everything about the bustling city!

dinosaur bones
Butterfly room

Z's favorite part of the trip had to be the
Museum of Natural History! I mean so many dinosaur bones! He was so excited! I let him run around a bit. He honestly spent most of his time in the stroller. There was too many people just let him walk. He had the most fun there. All the kids loved it. On the top floor you could pay to go in with the butterflies! One landed on C's hat. I think M took 100 pictures up close of all the butterflies and Z loved looking at them unless they flew near him! Then he'd get upset. It was really cute.

We took a tour of the US Capitol! Honestly it was my favorite part of the entire trip! We were given a personal tour. I think in total we were there four hours! It was so cool! The intern who gave us the tour knew so much and was so excited to share everything. If you get a chance to go I highly recommend having a tour of the Capitol!

If the kids were older I'm sure we would have been able to squeeze in more things to see, but we would go for a few hours, eat a late lunch and head back to the room. We'd relax for awhile have dinner and hit the pool.