Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Guestbook by Andrea Hurst

Review by Charlotte Lynn

Lily Parkins finds out her hubby is cheating on her.  She decided enough is enough and moved to the Pacific Northwest.  Lily’s grandmother has left her the old family farmhouse which happens to be the only place she has ever been truly happy.  Lily knows she has decisions to make.  Is the farm, which her grandma convert to a Bed & Breakfast where she wants to stay?  Should she return to her husband, forgiving his cheating and overbearing ways?  Should she open her heart to new love?

Lily’s grandma left her the guestbook from all the years running the Bed & Breakfast.  Inside this book is letters, recipes, and parts of Lily’s history.  All of the information helps Lily get her independence and remake herself.  Between her wonderful new friends, her mother, and Ian, the handsome neighbor, Lily is determined to be successful and happy.

When the email arrived asking me to read The Guestbook telling me it was like Nicholas Sparks, Nora Roberts, and Debbie Macomber wrapped in one I was thrilled by wary.  Those are big names to live up to.  But she was right on.  I saw the romance, the charm, and the heart just as promised.

The Guestbook is a story of friendship, love, family, and finding one self.  The friendships Lily made let her trust again.  I loved the small town feel of everyone knowing everyone and helping without being asked or being paid.  If more towns were like this the world would be a much better, much happier place.  The love that not only Lily found but also that was hinted at foe her best friends Jude and Kyla, made me unable to put the book down.  It is a love story, not a story of sex and lust, although there was some of that in there also.  Family…Lily realizing what she lost by staying with her loser husband.  I loved how she worked through the time she didn’t and should have spent with her grandma.  How she pushed her mom away, but when she needed her mom, she was there.  All of these helped Lily redefine herself and find true happiness.

I cannot believe this is Andrea Hurst’s debut novel.  The next one cannot come soon enough.  The Guestbook is perfect to cuddle up with a glass of cocoa next to a roaring fire and lose yourself in

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