Monday, March 11, 2013

Fame by Tilly Bagshawe

Review by Charlotte Lynn

Put together an actress, Sabrina, straight out of rehab and a director, Dorian, who is broke and you get the novel Fame.

Sabrina is straight out of rehab and knows that she is on Hollywood’s blacklist.  But she is given one last chance by getting the part of Cathy in the remake of Wuthering Heights.  She must get over herself and her better than everyone else attitude.

The part of Heathcliff is played by Viorel.  He is sexy arrogant actor.  The chemistry between Sabrina and Vio is sizzling and exactly what Dorian was hoping for.  But can he put his playboy ways and his past behind him and accept true love?

Dorian, the director, has put everything he has on the line for this movie.  His family home and his diva wife have left him broke.  His fued with Director Harry Greene has made him not so popular with the Hollywood scene.

Tish’s family home is where the bulk of Wuthering Heights will be shot.  This is the saving grace for her, since the home is in need of some TLC and the money has run out.   She has returned from Romania, where she runs an orphanage, to her family home to try to figure out how to save the house and keep it in the family.

My favorite character has to be Vio.  A sexy movie star who has morals and is good to the “Little People.”  He is friendly to everyone and tries to make everyone comfortable.  He also lets himself be the bad guy to save Sabrina’s self image with the reporters.  How could anyone not love this man?

I am not a big Hollywood start follower, but I loved this book.  There was so much more to this than just Hollywood glitz.   There is struggles with money, drugs and alcohol abuse, sex and of course love.  I felt like all the characters get what they had coming to them, most happy endings, but still had that one unhappy ending.  The unhappy ending was so deserved that it made me happy.

I know I will be looking for more from Tilly Bagshawe and will be sharing this novel with all my friends.

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