Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Long Way Home by Jessica Scott

Review by Charlotte Lynn

Jessica Scott is a soldier, mother and wife.  After returning home from a deployment in 2009, she realizes that leaving her kids was not the hardest thing she’s ever done but that coming home is.
The Long Way Home is a collection of Jessica Scott’s blog posts about her life after coming home from the Iraq War.  This novel tells the story of a mother coming home to her young daughters and having to figure out how to be a mom again.  A story of a writing trying to write a novel that she can sell.  The story of Jessica’s life after coming home.
This novel gave me an inside look at a lifestyle many have not had first hand experience with.  Although most of the military terms were foreign to me, I was very capable of understand and enjoying the blog posts Jessica wrote.  I found myself learning a lot about military life, both professional and personal, and wanting to know more.
There was a lot more to this story than just the military part.  I found myself tearing up and wanting to hug my daughters when reading about all the struggles Jessica’s daughters were having adjusting to their mom being back home with them.  I also wanted to hug Jessica and give her any and all support that I could.
I want to end my review Thanking Jessica Scott.  Not only for her service but for sharing her story and opening my eyes to the hardships that making a military choice can bring.  I will now not only thank the military personal I know for the service but for their sacrifices also.  
I highly recommend this novel.

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