Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Shade of Vampire by Bella Forrest

Review by Charlotte Lynn

On Sophie Claremont’s seventeenth birthday her whole world changes.

Her best friend, Ben, forgets her special day and goes out with Claudia.  Bella is so upset she goes for a walk on the beach and meets Lucas.  Lucas kidnaps her and makes her part of the harem for Prince Derek, Lucas brother.    Derek is the strongest vampire known to the world of vampires and head of his coven.

A Shade of Vampires is a different take on the vampire world.  From the very first chapter I was hooked on the romance and the excitement.  This young adult paranormal book took the vampire world to a place most books I have read about vampires have not.  The island setting made sense to me.  The vampires in the book could not have lived with regular humans in the real world.  It showed the vampires as the predator and the humans as the prey.  This was a new viewpoint to me.  Most books about vampires I have read they just want to fit in.

The relationship between Sophie and Derek was intense.  Derek was the prince, head of a coven of deadly vampires, and he fell for and protects the human girl Sophie.  Sophie is an innocent seventeen year old slave to a vampire who is hundreds of years old.  She does what she can to keep Derek’s primal instincts in check, I enjoyed watching Derek struggle to not take advantage of the situation. 

This short story was perfect.  Bella Forest wrote a vampire story with a unique look at their world.  I truly enjoyed it and know when book 2 is available I shall be one of the first in line to get my copy.

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