Monday, May 20, 2013

To Katie with Love by Erica Lucke Dean & Giveaway

Review by Charlotte Lynn

Elizabeth Jayne is Katie James’ favorite author.  The vampire in her books is enough for her.  She loves the happy endings and the characters in the books.  She has decided that the books are much better than real life, flesh and blood men.  Then she meets Copper Maxwell,  her very rich and very secretive client.  From the minute he walks into her birthday party Katie’s life is changed.  Can she liver with the secrets and falling love with the mysterious Cooper?

I love everything about this novel.  The characters are so entertaining.  You get to know clumsy, curious, and shy Katie and watch her come out of her shell.  I love that when she was trying to discover Coopers secrets that she compared herself to Stephanie Plum, one of my most favorite bounty hunters.  The humor to me was as she started to believe what everyone was saying about Cooper.  About where he got his money and why it was such a huge secret.  She so wanted to believe that it was on the up and up, but then she would hear or see something and her imagination would run away with her.

Then there is her bank co-workers, with all their advice and muddling they kept me in stitches.  Vicky, the sex maniac who told everyone exactly what she was thinking, reminded me of that friend that you see coming and want to turn the other way.  Silvia was more of a mother figure to her and was really looking for Katie’s best interests.  The rest of her co-workers were equally interesting. 

Of course, I cannot forget Cooper.  I started off loving him, oo-la-la, the romance.  He had me right away.  He had the right words, the right dates, the right car, and of course the right house.  Most importantly he didn’t give up on getting that first date.   Then I distrusted him with all his secrets. I couldn’t understand why his job was such a secret and his history was something that he would not talk about.  I just knew that he was something that would shatter Katie and break her heart.   By the end I could not help but love him again for never giving up on Katie.   The secrets were told and Katie’s heart was not broken.  He stood up to her mom and her co-workers.  

I would definitely put this as chic-lit, but it has mystery, murder, and lots of giggles.  This was a fun and entertaining read.  I am highly recommending this novel. 

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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review my book. Katie and I appreciate it! :)

  2. Love following the TO KATIE WITH LOVE blog tour. The book sounds great and I love the cover :) Congrats on the release & tour!

    1. Thank you June! It's been a fun tour. I'm sorta sad it's over.