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Pink Slips and Glass Slippers by J.P. Hansen

Reviewed by Charlotte Lynn

Taken from Amazon:

Brooke Hart was beautiful, smart, and groomed from birth to deal with adversity. 

Her widowed father did his best to raise his baby girl to be a strong-minded business woman. Then she found Tanner. Just when her world seemed perfect, everything turned upside down. Following Tanner’s tragic death, Brooke joins a start-up company that is developing a cure for the disease that killed the love of her life. Just before the treatment is ready to market, the company is gobbled up by a giant conglomerate. She moves to the acquiring company as its youngest VP and becomes enamored with CEO Chase Allman—only to be betrayed by him. Brooke rebounds again and sets out on a personal journey to discover what will truly make her happy. Sparks fly when she and Chase cross paths again in an unlikely way. Now, they need each other to find an abducted child and save thousands of people.


Brooke is an amazing character.  From the very beginning I felt for her.  I felt sympathy for the loss of so many love ones.   I felt hope for her due to her great power of finding what she wants and being able to know how to achieve it.  Brooke had a great support system to help her over the hurdle in her life.  The type of support I think everyone needs but few really have.  J.P. Hansen kept the characters very real, he let me really get to know Brooke and be her friend.

Chase was a different character for me.  He had so many secrets from everyone he knew or worked with.  He appeared so genuine, but I felt like he wasn’t.  I understand the reasoning behind the lies but if you can’t be real to yourself then what kind of a life can you be living.  When he started “making out” with Brooke when he should have been concerned with his son, I lost the respect that I had for him.

I did enjoy watching Brooke and Chase circle around in their relationship.  The misunderstandings made me crazy, but also made me laugh.  Watching the relationship between Brook and Parker, Chase’s son, was the best.  The way she just jumped in and took over the “mom” role was great.  Parker needed that and Brooke was perfect.  Chase and Parker’s family has a completed feeling to it now that Brooke is involved.

The story line was full of twists and turns.  It kept me guessing and keeping reading.  I enjoy the whole story from beginning to end and will recommend this.

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  1. A few of my GR friends have read JP's book and are saying the samething One of them had said,'She could not believe a man could write chick - lit so well. lol