Thursday, July 18, 2013

Have No Shame by Melissa Foster.

Reviewed by Charlotte Lynn

In the South eighteen year old Alison lives on the family farm with her family.  When she finds the body of a black man in a nearby river her life is forever changed.   She feels the need to know what happen to this man and to know that it is wrong.   She sees the ugliness of the hatred the white men feel for the black men.   She sees the wrong in beating a man just because he was nearby.

She becomes friends with Jackson, a black man home from Vietnam.  This friendship has to be a secret as no white girl should talk to a black man.    When this friendship turns into something more Alison must make some extremely tough decisions about her future.

This small town daddy's girl, Alison, is one of the most amazing characters I have ever read about.   In a world where all she wants to do is stay her daddy's girl, Alison faces her beliefs and holds on tight.  She changes from a timid young girl to a strong woman throughout the story.   I love that she struggles with what she knows she has to do.  She struggles between doing what her father has always raised her to be and what she feels is her destiny.

In reading you could tell how much research Melissa Foster had to do.   Learning about Civil Rights movements and managing to share the bravery and dedication that went with it.    Have No Shame is a heartwarming story that should inspire the reader.    It will capture our heart and cause you many emotions.

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  1. Wow, so glad you loved Have No Shame Charolotte.

    Thank you for taking part in Melissa's tour.

  2. Melissa has become one of my favorite authors. I look forward to more of her books.

  3. Thank you so much for such a wonderful review! I really loved writing about Alison and Jackson, and am even playing around with writing their follow-up story (Maggie of course would be included--I loved her, too.) xox