Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Looking for LaLa by Ellie Campbell

Reviewed by Charlotte Lynn

Stay at home mom, Cathy, is majorly stressed out.  Her hubby Declan does not appreciate her.   He is working extra hours with his younger sexy secretary.    When notecards start arriving with the signature of LaLa, Cathy starts getting worried about her life and her marriage.

This is a novel of catty women.   All of Cathy's so called friends are civil to each other but not really nice to each other.    Each of their Tuesday Twice Monthlies meeting had alcohol and gossip as their main topic.  These meetings led to rumors and suggestions as to what each woman was doing.    After the meetings duos of women would get together and gossip more.    I loved these get togethers.  They made me laugh and chuckle thinking of me and my friends getting together for my monthly Moms Bookclub and the way our conversations tend to stray from jut books.    I found myself relating to each women in someway.

As Ellie Campbell develops the character of Cathy I liked her more and more.    She was a good mom, a good friend, and a good wife ( even if she didn't clean very well).    I found a lot of myself in Cathy and felt fear, pity, and wanting to be there for her as she went through the trials that became her life.

Declan was a jerk.   From the beginning he gave Cathy grief about everything from the way she dressed to the kids to her not working yet.   I wanted her to kick him to the curb from the very beginning.   Declan was not a supportive husband when Cathy would tell him about another postcard coming.     He never really redeemed himself to me, but I am not Cathy so I will have to be ok with the ending.

Looking for LaLa has great British humor and fun characters.   This is a great fun and quick read.

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