Thursday, August 29, 2013

Good Intentions by Kathryn R. Biel

Pediatric therapist Maggie Miller has survived a car accident that killed her brother and mother.  She has let this accident define her.  She has bad taste in men, until she meets Ryan Milan.   Ryan is Maggie’s best friend, Matt Slavin’s best friend.  Ryan and Maggie start dating and one thing leads to another, until Ryan has to rush home because his father is dying.   When he is unable to return to Boston and Maggie, Maggie decides to move on and not date anyone.  Then seven years later they are reunited and life is so different then when they first met and fell in love.

This is a story that grabbed me from the very beginning.  I actually read it in one day, not being able to put it down.  Maggie is a character that I was cheering for from the very beginning.  She was making it on her own in a tough world, without a lot of family support, although you weren’t told why until later in the story.   The fact that she just wanted to help other children as someone had done for her when she was younger made her an amazing person.  Her relationship with Matt reminded me of the one I have with my best guy friend.  The sparks they were between them were pretty much ignored since they knew it would not be good for their friendship to take that leap. 

Then there is the romance between Maggie and Ryan.  I laughed at how they danced around each other, neither sure what the other was thinking or wanting to take that first step.  When they finally got together you knew it was going to be hot and I was not disappointed.   Ryan fell from my graces when he rushed home, not because he went home, but because he would not even respond to Maggie.  And then when they found each other again I was sadly disappointed by how he treated Maggie.  I ended up thinking him a jerk and was worried that they would get back together.  

Kathryn Biel wrote a novel that will pull you right in and keep a tight hold on you.  I will recommend this book to any chic-lit lover.

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