Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Between Faith and Fear (Captive, #2) by J.A. Dennam

When Melanie Parker wakes up in an unfamiliar room with a killer holding her little boy she knows something is wrong, very wrong.  A hooded stranger is standing in the shadows calling the shots.  When she refuses to just give up, she learns more than she ever dreamed.  That hooded stranger cannot hide his feelings for Melanie.  He brings her into a scary and dangerous world that could end up killing them all.
Between Faith and Fear is a fast paced, page turner that I could not put down.  I loved that the characters from Truth and Humility were also in this novel, but the story was new, not a carryover of book #1.  I feel that this could be a standalone story, but it is also part of a series.  The action and the romance kept me up late reading and then getting up early to be able to finish it.   J.A. Dennam wrote another amazing book.

This is a hard review for me to write, as I do not want to give away the surprise that happens in this story.  Yet the surprise is the main part of this book.   I can tell you that you have to read this book.   Whether you read the first on, Truth and Humility, or not.  You will miss out on an amazing story if you pass by this one.
Danny was still my favorite character.   She stood besides Melanie through thick and thin.   D.J., Melanie’s son, was taught through Danny’s family who his dada was, even when he wasn’t around.  When Melanie was dealing with her kidnapping and who the kidnappers were Danny managed to help her keep her cool and also save the ones that mean the most to her.  When the surprise was revealed she fainted, but then jumped right back into it and moved to action.   I felt that Danny was true.  True to her friends, family, and the mission that was at hand for all those involved in keeping Melanie, D.J. and their family safe.

As you can tell I LOVE novel and the author.   I am anxiously awaiting more about the Cahill’s and Bennett Families.   I definitely recommend Between Faith and Fear by J.A. Dennam

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