Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Wanting you by Becca Siller

After breaking up with her abusive boyfriend, Tony, Charlotte McElroy and her best friend Riley Tate head to Las Vegas for fun and relaxation.   They never dream they will meet hot and hunky movie stars.  Although Charlotte had decided to take a break from men she cannot pass up the chance to get to know Wyatt Grayson, a man she just met and yet feels a deep connection and trust with.  Tate, who is looking for a good time, falls for Miles Porter and soon finds herself head over heals.

Wyatt Grayson and Miles Porter head to Las Vegas for a quick vacation between filming.  Never did they dream they would meet and start relationships with two women from Portland on a vacation.   When Charlotte is stalked by her ex Tony and attacked, Wyatt realizes how much he cares and how much they need each other.  The road their relationship must travel will not be easy, stalking ex’s , travelling for filming, and their tough histories.

The friendship, sisterhood is a better word, between Charlotte and Riley is amazing.   I have a sister and I am not sure we are as close as these two are.   Their relationship is amazing.   They truly can tell each other everything and trust that they have their support and help no matter what.  Through thick and thin these two ladies are amazing.  Never faltering or hesitating to run to each other’s defense.  This is not the main storyline of Wanting You but it touched me.

The relationships between Charlotte and Wyatt and Riley and Miles were steamy HOT!  Sometimes I felt they were too hot, but I am certainly not complaining.   I loved every minute, even the fighting, of their relationships.  Although they were hot, there was much more to their relationships.   They all had trust issues and managed to get through them and be with each other.  When one of them had an issue, big or small, they all came together and protected each other.  It was truly amazing how 2 sets of best friends met another set of friends and they became an immediate family.   Even the body guards and lover of another movie stars became instant family and protectors of the girls, especially Charlotte.

Tony scared me.  Just reading about him, knowing he is fiction, made my skin crawl and want to hide away.   I cannot imagine someone being that violent.  Someone being that abusive.  Someone being that much of a stalker.   The fact that he was getting his information from someone close to Charlotte freaked me out even more.  Their abusive relationship made me step back and look at violent relationships in a whole new light.  I felt as if Charlotte was my friend and I wanted to protect her and let her know that she had my support.  I also needed Tony to get caught so everyone’s lives could go back to  semi-normalcy.

If you are a lover of hot, erotic stories this is the book for you.  It touched on some tough subjects but Becca Siller did so with grace and respect for those that might have lived through what Charlotte did.   I will recommend this book only to my adult friends as the subject matter is not something I would want a YA to read. 

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  1. Thank you so much Charlotte (love the name by the way) Your reaction to the book is exactly what I was hoping for when I wrote Wanting You. Your kind words and support mean a lot to me. I hope you enjoy the second book in the series just as much.

    Thank you again,
    Becca Siller

    1. You are very welcome. I cannot wait for the second book to come out!

  2. Great review. New to me but sounds great.