Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Secondhand Murder by Lesley Diehl

Looking for a life with no drama and to get away from her ex-husband, Eve Appel moves to Florida.  Sabal Bay is where she lands and opens her high end consignment store with her best friend.  When on opening day a woman is found murdered in the dressing room things just go crazy.  When the killer is not found, Eve decides that she can solve the crime on her own.   The help she gets from her ex, her best friend, and Private Eye, and a mafia boss helps her stay alive and find the answers that she needs. 

As book 1 of a series I was hoping for something that I would have to read book 2.  That is exactly what has happen.

 A Secondhand Murder has me laughing; some of the jams Eve gets into make me shake my head and wonder what she was thinking.  There were also times I was worried about Eve’s fate, she had some very scary and tough situations to talk her way out of.  But mostly I just loved reading about her adventures, always knowing that somehow she would get her way out of it just not in a normal or usual way.   The fact that Eve did not roll over and let this murder change her life showed her strength and determination to be successful without her ex.  She had an amazing group of friends for support, although the reader was not always sure if they were on her side or not, and used them as needed to reach her goal of living her life again.   It sure kept me guessing as to who the “bad guy” was.

The romance between Alex, the PI, and Eve was slow and deliberate.  The fact that she had an immediate attraction, but yet managed to not jump right into bed with him made me like Eve a whole lot.   I also loved that Alex did not give up.  He was sometimes clueless as to why Eve was pulling back or not letting herself go, but he never gave up the hopes of winning her over.  Eve made him work for every touch, kiss, and date.   There were times in the book that I was not sure of Alex’s motives or whether he was a good or bad guy.  It was fun to keep guessing and changing my mind.   A boring relationship is definitely not how I would describe theirs. 

I cannot wait for book 2 to be released, so I can continue to read about Eve and her crazy adventures.  Maybe I will be surprised and there will be more about the romance also.   I certainly recommend this book to all readers, both male and female would enjoy this.

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  1. This sounds like a fun romantic suspense mystery. Thanks so much for sharing your review.