Thursday, October 31, 2013

Attainment by J.H. Cardwell

Eighteen year old Reese Standford has had a rough life.   After a relationship gone wrong she has a hard time trusting any guy.   When she finally starts to put the past behind her and let herself fall for Tate Justice she finds out he has a spotted history and that brings doubts to her again.   In need of a break, Reese and her girlfriends head to the beach where they meet a group of hotties.   One of these hotties, John, falls for her and swears to be there when she really needs him even if it is in the future not the present. 

Attainment is a story of rape, murder, and romance.  J.H. Cardwell wrapped it up in a perfect present for her readers.  There is a great love triangle with two hotties fighting over the same girl.  The high school sweetheart and the beach guy both want to win the girl.  I know that I want John to win, as I felt that Tate was a tad overwhelming.   I am waiting to find out what happens in the second book Atonement.   As a mom of a teenager I am seriously hoping that she makes the right decision and finally has her happy ending.   The pain and struggles she felt after being raped pulled at my heart, but I was proud of how she found the help she needed and was able to try to move on.  I felt that Reese was an extremely strong girl with a great head on her shoulders.  If she can go on to college and keep that strength I feel that she will be okay.

Adults and young adults definitely should read Attainment by J.H. Cardwell.  It is a story that anyone who was every a teenage girl can enjoy.  Book Two, Atonement, cannot come soon enough. 

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