Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sisters In Love by Melissa Foster

Practical, Danica Snow is a therapist that has always been conservative and boring.   In walks Blake Carter, a player, and her whole world is shaken up.   The sparks fly as soon as Blake elbows her causing her to have a bloody nose while waiting for her coffee.  When Blake’s best friend and business partner dies he realizes his life is rather lonely and is looking for help in changing this.   When he goes to a therapist, yes Danica Snow, he feels the attraction and knows that this therapist will help.

I loved that there were many levels to this story.  There is the fun and hot romance and then there is the deeper death of a best friend and how that affects the people he left behind.   There is also the story of Kaylie and her promiscuous ways and her struggle with falling in love.   I cannot forget Michelle, the Little Sister of Danica that has lost her mother to alcoholism and is struggling to come to terms with herself.   All the stories interwove perfectly and fit together without missing a beat. 

I found myself connecting with each character in a different way.  Hoping for Danica to loosen up and have some fun in her life.  Blake to find the peace he so deserved.  Kaylie to make the right choices in her life and not let her past pull her back.  Michelle, oh Michelle, as a teenager I pulled for her the most.  She is close to my daughter’s age and I cannot imagine her not having me here to guide her and give her occasional grief.   I wanted her to succeed more than anyone else in the story. 

I cannot wait for the next book in this Snow Sister’s series.   Melissa Foster wrote a heart touching, realistic, loving story that I recommend highly. 

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  1. **WAVES** thank you so much for reading Sisters in Love! I'm thrilled that you loved the Snow Sisters as much as I do! Book Two has just been released! I adored Michelle, too, and she and the boys will probably have their own spin-off series after the Bradens:-) I can't wait to see how they all turn out. xox

  2. Fabulous review Charlotte. So glad you enjoyed Sisters in Love.

    Thank you for taking part in Melissa's tour.