Thursday, November 21, 2013

Deepest Doors by Paul Winters

From Goodreads:

When a chance collision with a beautiful woman in Central Park results in a head injury, international business consultant James McBride’s perfectly structured and rote life suddenly begins to unravel as he learns that every memory he has seems to be false and, in fact, he is not the same person that he thinks he is.

James McBride is a workaholic who thinks his life is almost perfect the way it is. He goes into the office early, stays late, works weekends, travels to exotic locations and has no ambitions of a wife, girlfriend or any type of social life. With a spectacular Park Avenue apartment and all the material goods a person could want, he is content with his seemingly perfectly planned, albeit one-dimensional, existence. All of this changes one afternoon after a collision with Sarah Plummer, a beautiful and free-spirited woman, forces him to ‘break routine’. Injured and dazed by a fall, she helps him to her apartment to rest. He awakens confused, only to be talked into doing something he could not ever recall doing; taking the day off. By the next day, they find themselves being pursued by people from his firm, singularly intent on killing her and capturing him. Only by a bizarre encounter with Bob Eaton, a white-hat computer hacker and security consultant, himself on the run from the mafia, does he begin to unravel the reason for these events, and understand how they can confront their respective enemies. 

My Review:

When I started this book, I was very unsure of what I was reading.  The first few chapters made me doubt that I would be able to finish this book.   Boy am I glad that I stuck with it.  By chapter 3 I was hooked.  I could not possibly stop reading.   I even was up way past my usual bedtime and got up early to keep reading.   This is a book that was taken wherever I went and read every available minute. 

The character of James, or Jammer, intrigued me.  I could not imagine not knowing my history, not having any friends, and being “programmed.”  He lived his life as it was planned never knowing to question what he was doing.   When he met Sarah Plummer, or rather got ran over by, his whole life changed, for the better and for good.   He became real, not just doing the motions but actually living life.  The emotions between Sarah and James were real.  Not rushed and hot and steamy.   They were not the main focus of the story, more of a back ground story. 

This is not a romance story.  This is a mystery and suspense novel.  I highly recommend that you check out this novel and Paul Winters.   You will not be sorry. 

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