Saturday, November 16, 2013

I’ll Be Home For Christmas by Jessica Scott

Nicole Carponti is dealing with her husband, Vic, being shipped overseas for a tour of duty.   When things do not happen as they planned, her life is changed.  Vic is a comedian, always keeping his wife and his fellow soldiers laughing, and will do anything to protect his wife from the reality of war.    When his promise of being home for Christmas does not happen as plan, he realizes how much his wife is there for him.

I’ll Be Home For Christmas is a military novella.   The peaks into military life and what the families have to endure are just amazing.   I cannot imagine not seeing my husband daily, much less not talking to him daily.   I love that this story is part of her Coming Home Series and that this story is going on the same time as Because of You, Trent and Laura’s story.    Their stories overlap and the support they have for each other is absolutely wonderful.   The story in this book is emotional and trying circumstances that the military put their families in.   It is also a romance story.   The love that these characters share out shines many of the relationships in the real world.  

Jessica Scott wrote another great story about characters that I love.   I cannot wait to read more about these character and highly recommend not just this book but the whole series to all. 

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