Sunday, November 24, 2013

Rose of Thorne by Mia Michelle

At age sixteen Skylar Rose is made an orphan when a drunk driver crashes into the car she is in with her parents, instantly killing her parents.    At this moment her dreams and hopes are put on the back burner. She picks up the pieces, working double shifts to make her sisters life carefree.     As a senior in college, about to graduate, she has never had a real relationship or been able to live life for herself. 

Then she meets Sebastian Thorne.  He is the CEO of his father’s design company, with a ton of money and quite a playboy type life.   When he meets Skylar, his whole world changes.   He no longer wants to be that playboy.   He has found the woman that he wants to spend the rest of his life with.  

Yet, a secret hangs between them. 

This is a story I could not put down.
  I instantly connected with Skylar.   The way she stepped into an adult role and lived the horrible hand life had dealt her made her seem so strong to me, yet there were many times I felt like she needed a hug or some guidance.   The way she put her sister’s care and life before hers showed just how mature she was.  I was so happy when Sebastian came into her life.   It meant she could have some fun, enjoy life a little.  
Sebastian was a jerk.  Although he cared about Skylar, he had the oddest ways of showing it.  He would love on her one minute then totally act like a jerk the next.  I liked the character, it was a character that I loved to dislike.  During one chapter I would be swooning over his romantic gestures, in the next chapter I would be cussing him out and wanting Skylar to RUN the other way from him.

This is a book with quite a bit of erotica in it, not my usually read, and I loved how tastefully Mia Michelle wrote it.  Book Two cannot come soon enough, I am anxiously awaiting its arrival.   Rose of Thorne is a book I highly recommend.  

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