Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Deadliest Game by Hal Ross

From Goodreads

The Deadliest Game weaves a horrifying and unthinkable tale of a terrorist plot against U.S. consumers using a toy company and the owner as the key to the plot's success. Blair Mulligan - divorced and still obsessing about it - is a thirty-five-year-old executive in the toy industry who wants nothing more than to achieve success with a brand new electronic gaming system that has the potential to revolutionize his business. However, a sinister force is at play, a force that threatens to wreak havoc across the United States. Blair's six-year-old daughter is used as a pawn, and Blair must make the one decision no father should ever have to make - to save his daughter or the lives of several thousand other children.

My Review:

The fact that Blair is a toy manufacturer is a small part of who he is.   He is a father, friend, ex-husband, and an extremely smart man.   The people Blair came in contact with are people that you read about or hear about on the news.   The life he was forced to live and the things he had to endure were true life happenings to some people.   The fact that his daughter got caught in the crosshairs of these horrible people made the plot all that more entrancing.  I was hoping and praying that she would come out okay, but deep down knowing that anyone who was living a life like she was could not come out unscathed. 

Hal Ross wrote a book unlike any that I have every read before.  It hit on the scary truth that this world has become.  There are people out there that are this horrible.  It opened my eyes to the world of the Middle East, but I do realize that not all people in the Middle East are like those in this book.  You hear the stories on the news and read about them in the paper, it is very scary to truly understand that they are in the United States and taking advantage of the freedom that we as American’s are allowed. 

Once I started this book I was unable to put it down.  This was a book that I thought about even when I was not reading it and hoping to hurry back to it when I was busy with other things.    While unsure what to really expect when I started this book, I am very happy to share this with all my friends, male or female.   This is a murder, mystery book at its best. 

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