Sunday, November 10, 2013

The New Crown by Jason Sandberg

Taken from Barnes and Noble
Julietta the Carpenter can build almost anything using wood, metal or fabric. Her skills are put to the test when she runs afoul of her corrupt King. This new fairy tale introduces a resourceful heroine to the boys and girls of today.

My Review:

In the Kingdom of Platavia King Plunder is a bad king.   He takes what he wants, changes the laws, and gives bad advice.    This is semi-typical fairy tale.   What I loved was that the “hero” was actually a “heroine.”   The fact that Julietta used her brain and made decisions that not only kept her out of the royal jail, but also rid the town of the bad king made her the real heroine of the story.   

The colors and art in this story is amazing.   The bright colors and great pictures had me pausing at each page and really looking at it, not just reading the words.    This is the first book of Jason Sandberg’s that I have read and I will happily recommend them to all my friends and family that have young children. 

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