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Dreams of the Cursed by Allie Jean

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A violent war has waged in secret underneath the notice of humanity since the beginning of time. Evil has pledged the destruction of humanity in spite of a power those that covet it could not possibly contain. Now the Warriors have inherited this fight and are honor-bound to rid the world of this ancient malevolence. By guarding the most precious, piercing light they possess—their female kin known as the Oracles, or Dreamers—the Warriors have a chance against the darkness.

Chantal Breelan has suffered from horrific nightmares for most of her life, believing something is wrong with her to have such visions of destruction. But when creatures of terror came crawling out of the shadows to hunt her down shortly after her eighteenth birthday, she discovered the truth. Her dreams became reality, throwing her headfirst into a battle wrought by cursed monsters, where death and torture lie at every turn.

Mathias is a descendant of a Fallen Angel and a powerful Warrior. He vows his life in service to pay recompense for the sins of their fathers by guarding Chantal from within the shadows. Long has he fought, shedding sweat and blood, hoping that his struggles wouldn’t be in vain. With Chantal’s life in danger, he’s been forced to reveal himself, yet she has managed to surprise him with her fierce tenacity and strength. In his sacrifice, he finds redemption and life’s ultimate reward—a love to surpass all time.

Now Chantal has picked up the reins of her birthright and stands by her Warrior kin, by Mathias. She’s on a mission to rescue others like herself. Yet, in this challenge, a battle of wits is exposed. New players are discovered, throwing strategies into question. When the truth comes to light, can Chantal hold her band of brothers together, or will they crumble under the weight of betrayal?

My Review:

When I was asked if I wanted to read the second book in the Dreamer series it was a no brainer, Of Course I HAD to read this book.   I was still hooked on the first book and was hoping this one would answer my questions and maybe leave me with more questions.  Allie Jean continues the story and doesn’t let her readers down. 

With such as original characters, it was fun to see where they continued to.   The characters in this book grew up and some were lost, which made me sad.  There are some characters that I need to know more about, hoping they will be in the next book.  

I am extremely curious about Lady or Trystan.   I felt for her and the pain she was suffering at the beginning for taking the punishments of the “girls”. Then I hated her, (I can’t tell you why without giving away the story.)  By the end  I was just curious.   Who is she really?  There has to be more to her story.
Another new character is Princess.   She is important to Damon, but why?    What will she bring to the next book?  Is she the one who will save the Warriors? 

Of course the old characters of Mathias and Chantal were in the story.  Still in love and protecting each other.  I loved the scenes with them.   You can feel the heat and the care between the two of them.  You know that these two will go to the end of the world to protect each other.   I am hoping that there is more to their story, that this is not the end of them.

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Allie Jean was born with an overactive imagination. She spent her childhood inventing stories and telling tales. Her mind never shut down, even while she slept. Vivid dreams containing extensive, elaborate plot lines of good overcoming evil villains captured her nightly visions, lingering into her waking hours and filling the pages of her well-loved bounded diaries. She was encouraged by her parents, even at a young age, to write down her tales, and it has remained a somewhat secret hobby. As a busy wife, mother and critical care nurse, Allie’s love of storytelling has been reborn through the adventures of her unforgettable characters.


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