Saturday, January 25, 2014

Broken Allegiance by Mark Young

From Goodreads

Before Travis Mayes, before Gerrit O'Rourke-there was Tom Kagan. Police gang detective Tom Kagan has been seeking justice for more than ten years, leaving him a broken man. His only reason for living-the woman he loves and the badge he swore to uphold. When a man is brutally killed in a vineyard on the outskirts of Santa Rosa, California, it sparks a series of events that test what's left of Kagan's resolve to protect and serve. Secrets from the past thwart Kagan's efforts to unravel a series of killings sanctioned from within the walls of California's highest security prison. From the lush vineyards of Sonoma County to the shores of beautiful Lake Tahoe, the detective must outsmart a killer who is moving in for one epic killing spree. Leaders of the notorious Nuestra Family prison gang are fighting for power, a struggle that spills out onto the streets of California. Kagan joins forces with Special Agent Hector Garcia, a feisty supervisor of the Special Services Unit for the California Department of Corrections; Diane Phillips, a beautiful and hard-charging prosecutor; and Mikio Sanchez, a former gang member marked for death. Through the eyes of cops and gangsters, readers are able to glimpse the seldom seen workings of the gangster underworld. Broken Allegiance is about treacherous lies, broken promises, and shattered lives-about life, death and a man's honor.

My Review:

Mark Young wrote a book that I could not possibly put down.   His background in law enforcement is evident throughout the story with the knowledge he shares about gangs and how they are brought to justice.   With all his knowledge, I was easily able to understand both the good guys and the bad guys.  The inside knowledge of gangs, both on the street and in prisons, was amazing. 

This thriller kept me on the edge of my seat.  The characters develop perfectly throughout the novel.   There is a lot of action to keep the reader entertained.  I recommend this to readers looking for a suspense filled, action packed novel.

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