Thursday, January 30, 2014

Having a Ball by Rhoda Baxter

Stevie and Marsh have always had each other, since their parents passed away and Marsh became her guardian.   Now Marsh is married and keeping secrets from her.  Stevie has quit her job and taken on a job organizing a charity ball.  While planning this ball she runs into Tom, the son of Stevie’s boss.   Her future depends on making this ball a success and the fact that she did it without running to Marsh to help her out.

Stevie is a great character.   Although she acts a tad childish when learns that her brother and his wife are keeping a secret from her, by the end of the book you can see how she has grown into a young woman and become successful all on her own.   She even holds her own in her “relationship” with Tom, the older man with his own successful career.  The decision to quit her job was a tad rash, but oh the fun she had planning the ball.   She met some amazing friends, including the teenage granddaughter of her boss who keeps her on her toes at the ball but is a ton of help in the planning and setting up. 

I felt this book was fun and easy.   Rhoda Baxter wrote a book with romance, family, and great friendships.  Any chic-lit reader will enjoy this book as much as I did.  

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  1. Charlotte, great you enjoyed Having a Ball. Fab review :)

    Thank you for taking part in Rhoda's tour.