Saturday, February 1, 2014

Stay by Hilary Wynne

Beautiful and independent Alexa has been living a half life.  Julian is also living a half life, but for a different reason.   Alexa is living a recluse life.   She doesn’t go out with her friends any more.  She goes “dark” every now and then, not replying to texts or answering the phone.   Julian is out and seen constantly, usually with a hot model on his arm in his high class hotel or nightclub, but hasn’t had a real relationship in years.  

To celebrate Luke’s, Alexa’s best friend, birthday she is convinced to go out to dinner and to the club Luke works at.   This same club is the one Julian owns.   On wobble high heels, after a few drinks Alexa literally runs into Julian.  The sparks fly.   When Luke see’s what is happening between Julian and Alexa, the jealousy comes out and he is trying to stop this relationship from happening. 

My Review:

The tension, the sparks, the love is all so evident from the first run in between Alexa and Julian.   I started this book as soon as the kids left for school and could not put it down.   When forced to put it down I was thinking about it and wondering what would happen next.  I finished it before I went to bed, I just could not stop reading.  
The descriptions of Alexa and Julian, from the clothes they wore to the way they react to each other’s touches, made the character so realistic.   I felt like I was in the nightclub when they met and saw the sparks fly.   I could easily picture Alexa’s trashed bedroom as she was trying to find the right outfit to wear.   The description of Julian’s home had me picturing the view they could see when out on the balcony or eating breakfast on the island in the kitchen.

I found myself being more and more lost in the story the further into the book I got.  This book had the heat and the heart that I always look for.   I highly recommend everyone reading it. 

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