Saturday, February 22, 2014

Twisted Sisters by Jen Lancaster

Reagan works as a licensed psychologist on a cable show I Need a Push.  On this show Reagan helps participants change their behaviors or overcome obstacles.  Even with all her work success, she struggles to feel part of her family and have their respect.   When pushed to bring in better ratings by a new boss, Reagan turns to Deva, a New Age healer, who offers some different solutions to have quicker results and not fall on her face on primetime TV.    Reagan then decides to use the powers of the New Age to learn more about her family and change their views of her.

My Review:

Twisted Sisters is an odd book, as it has a main character that is not very likable.  Reagan has a higher mightier than thou attitude, criticizing everyone, and making HER opinions known to everyone.   It was sad how her family treated her, as I feel that family should be supportive, but I could also see how they could not always support her due to the fact that she wouldn’t let them.   She felt that life was a contest to see who would be the best, finish first, win more awards, etc. but was never happy or satisfied with her life.   Reagan’s sisters were not nice characters either.   Geri was not supportive and she stepped into Reagan’s life, causing her discomfort, at every chance she could.  Mary Mac was just into her own life too much to worry about anything Reagan was doing. 

The twist in this book was interesting.    I wish the twist had happen sooner in the book.  It seemed to take a long time to get to the New Age part of this novel.  Some of it seemed to move slow and there were some parts I skimmed over.   Overall, I did enjoy this book and will look for more from Jen Lancaster. 

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