Saturday, March 1, 2014

Dream by Kyra Selby

Published January 27, 2014

Seventeen year old Ava Evans has moved to Oklahoma with her uncle after losing her mother to cancer 4 years ago.  The first person she meets is popular and friendly Pixie, who quickly introduces her to Miles Greyson.   Miles is popular also, but seems short and unfriendly towards Ava.  While trying to find herself again in a new high school the last thing she needs is to fall for Miles.  This is a story of dreams, first kisses and loves, and being true to who you are.

My Review:

This is definitely a young adult book, which I loved.  Kyra Selby wrote a book that kept my attention from the first page.   I loved Ava.  I felt for her with the loss of both parents and then having to move to a new town not knowing anyone else.   But I quickly could tell how strong and sure of herself Ava was.  She stood up for herself against her classmates, kept true to what she knew was right and wrong, and did not let a boy play with her feelings.  

Miles scared me at first.  He was so intense in his concern and worry about Ava.  He kept her at arms length, although their attraction was so intense and obvious, from their very first meeting.   Miles seems to run hot and cold towards Ava.  It made me mad that he treated her like that when it was obvious that she would give or do anything for him.   He did finally redeem himself in my eyes and definitely in Ava’s eyes. 

Kyra Selby wrote a book that was true to the teenagers.  It did not sugar coat the cattiness between girlfriends, the partying with others, late hours, writing notes in class, and all the other fun stuff that teenagers do.   It was nice to read a book that did not make the teenagers perfect.   I was able to flash back to some of my high school days and remember when I did that. The book also brought out the closeness between best friends and the protectiveness of those that love each other.   

I truly enjoyed every word of this book.  I will recommend it to my fellow young adult readers.

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