Monday, March 24, 2014

Just Destiny by Theresa Rizzo

Publish date March 31. 2014

Jenny Harrison is happily married to an older man, Gabe.   This is the best thing she has ever done,  until an accident leaves Gabe brain dead and her world upside down.   She decides to donate his organs and have his sperm frozen in order to have his baby.    Gabe’s Uncle George has raised Gabe and is very opposed to her getting pregnant after he is dead.   George files a court order and Jenny turns to her best friend and attorney, Steve Grant.   Steve is unsure if he can help Jenny with her court fight.   He wants to help her but is not sure that he agrees with what she wants to do.

My Review:

I didn’t agree with Jenny’s decisions and the way she kept secrets, but I understood her reasoning for doing what she feels she has to do.   But she had the right to do what she felt she had to to hold onto her husband after his death. 

Steve, the sexy neighbor, has feelings for Jenny but would never act on them while she was happily married to Gabe.  He is a good guy.   He fought against himself to keep her happy and not break them up.   His character was my favorite.  Steve is the guy the reader will fall in love with, I know I did.   I felt like he was perfect.  

I loved the courtroom scenes.   There was definitely controversy and drama over the legality of harvesting someone’s sperm after they are unable to make their own decisions.  There are medical and ethical issues, but Theresa Rizzo must have done a lot of research to portray it correctly.

Not sure what to expect I was surprised and hooked by Just Destiny.   I will definitely recommend this book. 
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  1. Thank you Charlotte, glad you enjoyed the story. I fell in love with Steve too!