Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Rich and the Dead by Liv Spector

Expected publish day May 18, 2014

New Year’s Day 2015 in the exclusive Star Island, Miami twelve extremely weathy and powerful people were found shot, dead.  In 2018 the murders are still unsolved.   The detective on the case has left the police force, but the case still weighs on her mind.  It was the one case that she had to solve.  When presented with the opportunity to work on the case again, Lila Day decides to do it.  But how do you approach a case that is ice cold?   Teddy Hawkins, billionaire, has a way.  Go back in time, to before the shootings happen.  Lila travels back to 2014, she must not save anyone from being murdered yet needs to find all the clues and solve the murder. 

My Review:

Lila Day is a great character.   The fact that she had quit the police force, then lost her job at a local hotel, and was really down on her luck with her bills, housing, and family made her very relatable and likeable.  When presented with the opportunity to solve the case that brought her down, how could she possibly turn down the chance?  Liv Spector also made her real by letting her develop feelings for the very people she was investigating.   Lila actually fell in love with one character, moved in with another, and became friends with many of the others. 

The secondary characters were equally entertaining.  Although all were extremely wealthy, each one of them had their own issues.   Living in mansions, playing at “the club”, arriving in yachts, and murder, I could not decide which richie was the actual killer.  I was sure one of them had to be it, but following Lila’s thoughts I kept doubting myself.

The Rich and the Dead was a murder, mystery, with a tad of sci-fi (time machine), and romance.  I highly recommend this to all mystery lovers.  

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  1. Nice! Yours is the first review I've seen of this one and I've definitely been curious. I do love the time travel element paired with mystery. Sounds like one I will need to check out!

  2. Sounds like a great book. I love time travel books.