Thursday, April 24, 2014

Dash of Peril by Lori Foster

Love Undercover #4
Publish Date March 25, 2014

Lieutenant Margaret Peterson has put herself into the path of trouble.   There is a hit on her and that puts Dash Riske in trouble also.   Dash saves her after the first attempt on her life and integrates himself into her everyday life.   Becoming her unofficial partner in solving who was out to get Margo, Dash manages to fall in love with her.   The sparks continue to fly between the two of them as they work to solve the case.

My Review:

Each book in the Love Undercover series can be a standalone book but I have found that they are much better when you know the background of the characters in the story.  

 Dash has been a favorite of mine from the first book, Run the Risk.   He is calm, collected, and oh so Alpha.   Knowing that the attraction to Margo was something that had been stewing for a while and that he had not been able to get over it made the sparks that were flying that much hotter and brighter.   Having Margo not want to give into those sparks and making Dash work for it made their relationship so real.     I do have to share that if my husband hung over my like Dash hung over Margo, all the time, I would probably go nuts.   Sometimes a woman needs some space to deal with life, not always needing a man to step in and take control. 

Lori Foster is an author that I never pass up.   Her Alpha Males are always hot and sexy.  Her females are tough and not pushovers who just drop at the feet of the males.   It is refreshing to have a female stand up to her male, not just fall into line.   The next book in this series, Cannon’s story, cannot be released soon enough.  

Dash of Peril is a book that I just love, just might be my favorite in this series so far.   I highly recommend this book and the entire series by Lori Foster.

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