Saturday, April 12, 2014

Windows by Emily Minton

Coming Home Series #1
Publish September25, 2013

Lucas Beck and Melinda Jones have lived next door to each other forever.   Lucas is the popular football player while Melinda is the overweight girl that everyone makes fun of.   
Every night Lucas climbs through Melinda’s window and they share their deepest secrets.  Except for the biggest secret, they love each other.   When Melinda is humiliated she decides to start a new life without Lucas.  

After college Melinda moves back home and finds Lucas still there.    He wants to reconnect and apologize for the humiliation, she is not sure she can open her heart up like that again.

My Review:

The best friends to lovers story are always one I check out.  When I read the prologue I knew that I had to read Windows.  While Lucas is a jerk, throughout almost the entire book, and Melinda (aka Lindy) is too easy on him, I did enjoy reading the entire story.  Lucas’ first jerk moment was when he humiliated Lindy and then didn’t make amends until she returned from college.   He then continued with the thoughts of making it up to her, but really just pushing her for a more physical relationship.    The kicker was when he said that since he has a dick, he doesn’t have to clean or do dishes.   WHAT!   Lindy was too easy.  She forgave him too easily and let his jerk moments pass without consequence.   For her it was just easier to fall into bed with him than to confront him.   I did love the families of Lucas and Lindy.  The way they came to protect Lindy, no matter the time.  They rallied around her over and over. 

The Mirror Man was predictable.   I knew very early on who would be caught.   They were scary and if I lived alone and had any contact in the past with Lucas I would have been afraid.    

While I did enjoy the story, I did not love the story.   I felt there could have been so much more to it.

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