Monday, May 12, 2014

Hold On by Hilary Wynne

Alexa Reed #2
Publish date April 2014

Hold On picks up right where Stay, the first Alexa Reed novel, left off.   Alexa, Lexie,  is still struggling with her secrets and being able to put her past to rest, moving on with her amazing future and Julian Bauer.  Julian is the rock of their relationship.  He is able to handle Lexie’s out of control times better than anyone else can.  In this novel it is Julian who needs Alexa to not give up on their relationship and help him hold on.    He is pulled apart from the inside out and really needs Lexie to fight for him and help him pull his life back together.  

I never dreamed the story could get better, but yet it does.   Hold On it even better than Stay!

 Lexie throws curve ball after curve ball to Julian and he handles each with talent and grace that very few men could do.  He proves over and over again to Lexie and the reader that he is the absolute best man for Lexie and the only man.  Watching Lexie run, over and over again, made me want to smack her and tell her to straighten up before she lost Julian and the love of her life but just as I felt like giving up on her she would redeem herself and prove that she is worthy of Julian and his never ending love.  

Julian is my hero.   He was in the first book and continues to be in this book.   He puts up with more than any sane man should or would from a women, even one he loves.    When he is in need of Lexie’s support I pray and hope that she can step up to the plate and give it to him like he deserves.   The way he deals with Lexie is amazing.  I am not sure that I know of any other man or woman who could handle the drama and out of control ways without throwing up their hands in frustration.   

I have to mention the sex and loving.   It is the absolutely hottest thing I have read in a long time.   It is sensual, loving, erotic, and downright amazing all at the same time.   Hilary Wynne has an amazing way with words and knows exactly how to tell the reader what the characters are feeling and doing without taking it too far or making it to trashy.   

This is definitely a book I will recommend.  I am hoping that Hilary Wynne does not keep us waiting too long for more in the Julian and Alexa story.   The happy ending I am picturing is coming, I can feel it.

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